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Flip Chip Packages Assembly

Available Services


TF-AMD Penang is Flip Chip power house that offers various packages of Assembly & Test of Flip Chip Packages (FCP) including FCBGA, FCPGA & FCLGA. The factory also offers WLCSP Back End Services, Wafer Backgrind (WBG), Die Prep Services(DPS), QFN Test and Wafer Sort.


Flip Chip Packages that the factory assemble and test are for Micro Processor, Graphic Processor, Communication & Set Top Box application. Flip Chip package types cover Single Die Package, Multi Chip Module (MCM), Coreless Substrate Package, Bare Die Package (Lidless Package), Lidded or Heat Spreader Package and Stiffener Package.


  • Able to support from 4 -20 layers laminate substrate up to 75x75mm pkg size.

  • Able to support up to 22x22mm die size, 20 000 bump count and 4000 ball count products.

  • Top & Bottom Capacitors (down to 0201 component size)

  • Die Sort up to 255 Binning (Direct Pick & Waffle Pack)

  • Single & Multiple Die packaging.

  • Lead Free Solder, Cu Pillar, Eutectic Solder, High Pb Bump Flip Chip Interconnect.

  • High Thermal Performance Solution with Organic & Metal TIM

  • Real Time 7/24 Process Control System

(+604) 252 2000



TF AMD Microelectronics (Penang) Sdn. Bhd 

(formerly known as Advanced Micro Devices Export Sdn.Bhd.)

Phase III, Free Industrial Zone,

Bayan Lepas 11900, Penang, Malaysia.


EMAIL : inquiry@tf-amd.com

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