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Final Test

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Final Test is a process where IC units will be tested on its reliability and electrical functionality.


Final Test process done with the test cell which composed of a handler and a tester. A units will be loaded into a Handler which connected to a Tester. The reliability and functionality of the units will be tested. The signal data result from test site will be sent to tester to determine whether the unit is pass or fail electrically.


Good and bad unit will be segregate to the different bins. Good unit will be determine as finish goods and the bad unit will be study and diagnose by engineer for the failure analysis.


Final Test is a very important process, as it can validate and ensure only the passed and good unit been assembly in the next process to avoid any risk of faulty in the final product.


  • Support package size ranging from 4X4mm to 67.5X67.5mm

  • Pin Count support – Up to 4000 IO

  • Package type support – PGA, BGA & QFN

  • Contactor type – Pogo pin & Elastomer

  • Multi-site test capability up to 16site

  • Test type support – Digital, Logic & Mixed signal

  • Test force capability up to 240Kgf max

  • Test temperature range from -20C to 110C. ATC (active thermal control) capability


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