Gold Class Performance - ES Tai , Sr Manager Engineering

TFAMD is devoted to people development and providing high achievers opportunities to grow professionally.

The Japanese Fish Pond A natural looking landscape created using stone, plants ,waterfall and koi fish. Located in  between our company facilities.

Koi is a typical Japanese pond fish which you can find in almost any pond or river canal in Japan. There are two meanings for the Japanese word “Koi”, one being the name of the fish and the other meaning “love” or “care”.

Work Place & Career
Development & Benefits

Team Building Program: To enhance performance and built the trust among the employees.

Working with us has its rewards!

– Rashid Hamid , Sr Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Market attractive compensation

  • Meal Allowance

  • Bridge Toll Allowance

  • Phone & broadband allowance

  • Contractual bonus

  • Annual Performance Bonus

  • Key talent incentives

  • Fast track your career


Going the Extra Miles - GEM

MD AWARD - The highest recognition award for the greatest achievement.

Success with us!

-Yvonne Chee , Director Program Management


Good collaboration with my manager & peers that ease my job.


Alfresco cafeteria concept design. A cozy atmosphere for bonding among colleagues.

GP2W Q4 '18 Event
GP2W Q3 '18 Event

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