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Wafer Sort

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Wafer Sort testing is performed during semiconductor device fabrication, The process of  wafer testing is to eliminate functional defects die before send for die preparation process or assembly process.​

Wafer Sort testing process is performed by the test equipment called Wafer Prober and Tester. A wafer will be loaded inside the wafer prober machine carrier and tested electrically by using a set of microscopic contacts or probes called as probe card which connected to a Tester. The failed die will be mark with a small dot of ink.

The result of the testing will be populated in the Wafer Map and it will be used for assembly process for picking the good dies.

Wafer Sort test is very important as it can detect and remove the detective dies in the earlier stage and saves the considerable cost of assembly or test the faulty devices in the next process stage.


  • Support 12” and 8” wafer

  • Direct docking test head

  • Multi-sites probe capability

  • Automated FOUP handling

  • Systematic wafer map handling

  • Vertical probing


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