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April 29th of 2016, marks the date when TFME (TongFu Microelectronics 通富微电) closed the transaction of acquiring 85% share of AMD Suzhou and AMD Penang. TFME is acting as controlling partner for the two new joint ventures: TF AMD.

  • TFME being a pioneer in China’s OSAT industry, has made significant progress by adhering to the company culture of “People first, contributing back to the nation, inheritance of civilization and commitment to perfection”. With headquarter at Chong Chuan factory, located in Nantong, Jiangsu, China, TFME has further set up three subsidiaries respectively at the Sutong Industry Park, Nantong, in Hefei and in Xiamen. With the addition of two JVs, this makes the Tongfu group a big family.

  • AMD is a world class service provider that designs and manufactures various kinds of microprocessors including CPU, GPU, APU, chipset and TV card for computing, communication and consumer electronics industries. The semiconductor company is equipped with world class assembly and test technologies for high-end processors, and provides three modules: high performance CPU, high performance discrete graphics, and chipset.


  • The establishment of the JV signifies the strategic collaboration between TFME and AMD. The JV will continue to be AMD’s major advanced packaging and test supplier. With TFME’s outstanding customers and abundant OSAT experience, as well as JVs’ high-end packaging and test technologies, TFME will promote the two JVs to provide advanced packaging and test services for a broader range of customers. In this way, the JV will achieve its transformation from being an IDM to a global OSAT.

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